On average, the odds of winning a bingo game in online casino us is good enough for the experienced bingo player, but what exactly is the size of this award. Although small, it has the most winners go home as a toaster, washing machine, cash prizes or small to take even more recently, an interesting source of Bingo offers players who deserve the opportunity to pay their bills. While many bingo games just for the opportunity to interact with friends and share a dream of the fun hobby to many to have the bases loaded and hit the jackpot with the jackpot.

While drooling over titles like or «jackpot hits bus driver while waiting for passengers», «Derby woman wins $ 200, 000 prize money bingo» must be noted that apart from the headlines with big cash prizes, the vast majority of the big winners of ordinary Janes and Joes bingo, like bingo players most of the other. They are mothers, hairdressers, grandparents even bus units. Average players are lucky that the house was a small room in the newspapers with the lowest numbers coming into the envy of other manufacturers and carve. Not necessarily something to do, which is the mother of Jacksonville, Florida, who meet every Wednesday night at their favorite bingo with friends or grandmother, online bingo has recently discovered and decided to try his luck in the bingo.

Mystery Woman

The analyst in a way that the Lucky Ladies of las vegas casino online. Seeing the good old 40 years of mystery lady manager of retail banking, as the Lord of $ 900 a couple of tables to enjoy some of the youngsters with a few minutes later I would take home a whopping $ 100 000 won. The more money that has never won, playing bingo is $ 600, which was some time ago. The mysterious woman is a full house with 40 numbers in the national games, in which 500 clubs that participated. The mother of two has been playing bingo with over 20 years to your favorite bingo club in Huddersfield, UK. Mystery Lady’s plan in the amount of new tables, set a vacation with his family to Disneyland and a boat to its main pension fund.

The Hairdresser

The barber of 52 years Derby had not touched alcohol for months, but after winning over $ 200, 000, she just had to get a glass of brandy to calm down. The barber was a full house with 44 digits for success in the pot. He was an avid bingo player for many years and her husband met at a bingo club. He intends to visit his sister in Spain with his new wealth and buy a new car.

Grandmother patients

Patience pays off for a grandmother of 63 years old, who has played bingo in the best online casino usa for over forty years and has not won more than $ 300. The grandmother patient complained that she was present when another big prize won, but never He dreamed would happen after the game for years. She won a whooping $ 52, 875 in the national game. The grandmother of the patient for treatment of his family plans. She has two children, four grandchildren and was married for several years. At the end of patience is worth more than.

Compassionate teacher

Bingo online is growing in the best online casinos that payout usa at an impressive pace and bingo winners in new usa online casinos are in the corridors of cyberspace emerging demand participation in bingo prizes. When Jo Collins has three children called her husband to the computer to give the $ 160, 000 he won playing bingo online, the figure to be shocking, because he could not understand, had $ 1, 600. In fact, was $ 162, 701. 97 to be exact. Jo Collins is a special education teacher 52 years of research that needs to play bingo played in bingo halls for years, but decided to play bingo online. The enthusiasm and excitement of online bingo club every reflex action ecstasy master. Jo Collins has three children and ten grandchildren. Jo-plan on paying your first mortgage. Despite his new wealth Jo plans to keep his job as a teacher. Jo Collins made history with the largest single online bingo win to date.

Bingo Addict

A self-proclaimed addicts Bingo wins £ 201. 525. The woman who comes from Leigh Park, Havant, United Kingdom had an early retirement with her husband for health reasons. The bingo-addict says the money was sometimes not enough for her and her husband who was playing bingo for years two or three times a week than they can afford to play. Her husband often judge whether he won all the games when they come home, on the basis of the expression on his face. Born in Havant, said she told her husband about the huge profits, how to get it to go on vacation if they could afford. 60 years responded to Cyprus. After the news to him, the couple celebrated with Bacardi. She also won the jackpot of £ 200, 000 was over 272 pounds.

All these grand prize winners are similar in that they are ordinary women who play bingo in their local community clubs and online bingo halls. A bingo player named «AlanCrow goes» who frequent the forum of the online bingo community, wrote in his joy bingoforums. org to win a whopping $ 458. 32. While this victory is not much compared to the profits of the five mega-Lucky Ladies in this article, this is a good start for those who play for money and dream of winning the jackpot.